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Diffuser PSK's

There are three Premium Starter Kits (PSK) that come with a Diffuser + 12 therapeutic grade essential oils + samples + more good stuff too!

Savvy Minerals Make-up PSK's

We have 4 Savvy Mineral Make-up Premium Starter Kits (PSK) to choose from! The FDA currently bans 11 harmful ingredients in make-up ... Savvy Minerals bans 2500!

Thieves PSK

So you want to ditch those chemicals that are filling your home and bodies with toxic ingredients? This Premium Starter Kit (PSK) is a jump start on eliminating hundreds of chemicals from your home.

NingXia PSK

NingXia what?? [say it like...Neen-ja]. This Premium Starter Kit (PSK) includes plenty of NingXia to get you started supporting your immune system, promoting your own longevity and naturally detoxing your body. 1-2 oz. a day is the recommended serving [but we don't judge if you drink more].

Incorporating Essential Oils into my recipes

[using the white labeled ones for compliancy, wink wink]