Step #1. Choose Your Membership (Member or Retail).

Step #2. Choose Your Premium Starter Kit. "PSK's" are only available to YL Members. You can choose between 4 different oils & diffuser PSK's, Savvy Minerals Make-up PSK, Thieves PSK or NingXia Red PSK.

Diffuser & Oils Kits

Savvy Minerals Make-up Kits

Thieves & NingXia Red Kits

Step #3. Choose to join Essential Rewards. This step is optional, but I would be remiss not to tell you to join on your first order!

Essential Rewards is a 'point system' monthly option (for me it is a must, not an option). This is the best way to to start replacement buying to ditch those harsh chemicals from your home. Buy a little each month and earn back rewards while doing so. Almost every person who becomes a Member eventually ends up on "ER", so get a head start on the savings and start with your first PSK order!

Essential Rewards:
• Percentage Back each month (10%–25%)
• Free Monthly Promotions
• Discounted Shipping *We also have a YL GO offer (our own version of AmazonPrime)
• Loyalty Gifts