She’s Got Legs.

ZZ Top had it right…we got legs, and here comes Summer when we get to show them off without freezing our buns off! This shave oil is toxin-free and leaves your skin smooth, and hydrated. I put 2 pumps on each leg before I shave, AND….some ladies use it on the ends of their hair as a shine product! It lasts a very long time, and of course it smells SO GOOD. See all the oils in it here > and add it to your next order. #youwontbesorry #smoothfordays #toxinfreesexylegs

Active & Fit

It’s stormy and cold in San Diego this morning, but Spring is on the way! Spring is the NATURAL time to shed weight (not in new year resolution hype, not in the winter). This kit has my favorite oils in it for muscle support, aches, minor pains, and overall wellness. I’ve heard some people keep their sports gel in the frig for an extra cooling effect after a good workout (or even after you slept wrong ) #iworkout #feeltheburn #walkforyourheart #bestrong #justdoit #lovethistuff

The Active & Fit Kit includes:
• Nylon carrying case with seven interior mesh
pockets, an exterior pocket, and a carabiner for
easy attachment to any gym bag
• Cool Azul Sports Gel, 3.4 ounce
• Deep Relief essential oil blend, 5 ml
• R.C. essential oil blend, 5 ml
• Thieves essential oil blend, 5 ml
• Copaiba essential oil, 5 ml
• Peppermint Vitality essential oil, 5 ml
• 3 AromaGlide® roller fitments
• Product information card