DIY Wellness Salve

My gift for all the big kids last night at our Christmas Eve Eve get together.
Take one 14oz jar of coconut oil, take half out, put in bowl.
Add 5 or 6 tablespoons of beeswax pellets to the jar of coconut oil.
Put lid on loosely!
Place in pot of water on stove over medium heat, let the water melt both together, stir it occasionally. The lid on loosely is KEY to letting them melt.
When it is all liquid, remove from heat.
Let it cool for less than a minute.
Add one 5ml bottle of Exodus2 blended oil (or any oils you want to).
Pour from jar immediately into small glass containers.
Put the lid on top of the jars loosely so they can cool and set, then tighten the lid.
Repeat with the other half of the coconut oil.
Yields roughly: 18 / 1.5oz. jars.
Use: daily on feet or chest or a tiny bit in your nostrils…keeps the germs out!
You can make a chest rub too using Ecualyptus oils! Make it what you want, just make it! And use it.
This is also a fabulous body lotion…make larger jars with oils for skin and use on your body after a shower.
PS…if you don’t have Exodus2, you really should try it!