How Essential Oils Work


You may be able to alter the feeling of wellness by what you smell. Our sense of smell is 10,000 times more sensitive than any of our other senses. WOW. Smells can change the way things work inside our bodies, they can encourage and support all of our body symptoms. When you inhale, you have the power to reduce uneasiness and increase positive feelings. The trick is to smell the right things. Those things are called Essential Oils - and there are many "smells" from which you can choose.


To pass through the blood barrier -  you must be tiny. Not the size of a pill or a thick fluid or even a chewed up piece of pill or a sort-of dissolved pill in some juice, "tiny". To reach the brain, you must be a molecule, not just a molecule, but the smallest of all molecules that can be lifted into the air to become aromatic.

Essential Oils can can do just that.

Essential oils go to work rapidly on our bodies on a cellular level. They cleanse our systems and rid of us of toxins, waste and *carbon dioxide. They are able to enter the body and the brain, by traveling through the epidermis to reach our receptors, and then they begin to work on our liver, kidneys, and tissues.

We metabolize essential oils.

Essential Oils work on cellular levels to benefit our overall wellness vs. other measures that have only one job, and they don't care what damage they do to get the job done.

Just knowing just this little bit of information may help you stop and think the next time you go to pop open a bottle of sleep-aid. Instead, you might lather on some lavender or cedarwood oil and hit the sack.

*Why is carbon dioxide a problem? It holds fat and fluid, it bloats, it decreases flexibility and it creates acid in our bodies.


No prescription is ever needed when using essential oils on yourself or your loved ones. Education is key to understanding how to apply and use oils. Please follow safety guidelines provided by Young Living, and bring these oils and refer to reference guides to learn about essential oils. Take your oils into your doctor if you are currently on medication and ask their advice.


Age Related
Cardiovascular System
Digestion/Weight Control
Emotional Balance
Energy & Stamina
Glandular & Hormonal
Immune System
Muscle & Bone
Nervous System
Oral Hygiene
Respiratory System
Skin & Hair
Weight Control

Antioxidant Values of Essential Oils: Look for the ORAC value listed on Young Living's website under each oil description or on the web.

What does ORAC mean? Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity are units of measurements for Antioxidant values. The higher the number, the better for you they are. The number reflects which oils are more capable of breaking down and destroying free radicals in your body systems. Essential Oils are one of the best resources to assist in detoxing your body.

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