Kids + Essential Oils

Dilution is Key

Kids are small. Their bodies do not need as many drops of oils as adults do. Dilution should be 1/2 - 1/3 less than an adults formula.

A good place to start is on the bottoms of their feet.
If there is any reaction, wipe off with vegetable oil or your carrier oil, NOT water.

Example for kids:
3 drops for 0.5 oz. of carrier oil // (0.5 oz = 3 tsp)
6 drops for 1.0 oz of carrier oil // (1.0 oz = 6 tsp)

Balancing Kids Behavior

Kids have a lot going on these days. More and more children are being identified to be living with different types of behavior problems. If you do some research you may find essential oils are a good choice for them to help them get through their days.

Calm, Relaxed + Focused.

There are a few oils listed on the Young Living website that have been used for to children achieve a more balanced system. Pop them in a diffuser or add them to a lotion or carrier oil before they leave for school, before, during and after activities and before bedtime.


Have your child smell Higheset Potential essential oil and ask them to envision whatever obstacle he or she is trying to overcome or a goal they are working towards.

When a person can picture and focus on a goal, it can make it more reachable. Try this with your child and see if it makes a difference.

This can also be used with any oil they ENJOY the smell of (positive smell = postivie feeling)

Kiddos down in the dumps?

These oils are uplifting and can increase your childs mood; Lemon, Frankincense, Sacred Frakincense, Joy and Rose

Too much going on?

Try Stress-Away roller, Lemon, Peppermint and Peace + Calming.

Need to foucs?

There are additional oils; GeneYus, Cedarwood, Vetier, Sacred Frankincese + Brain Power that can help your kiddos focus.

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