Let’s be frank and Frankincense.

There are a ton of ways to use our Frankincense, here are just a few ways to consider using yours: around the eyes for fine lines, support your immune system, oral health, premature aging (not just on skin, but internally too), regulates monthly cycles, helps with gas, bloating, reducing appearance of scars, aids in digestion, supports our respiratory systems, promotes urination (which helps shed water weight, fats, sodium, uric acid and toxins), soothes throats (add a drop to raw honey), helps promote a feeling of calmness, supports female body systems (at every age), supports ouchies on skin, and so much more…I am a HUGH fan of Frankincense…you can get it as a single or in a blended oil, and oil infused products from Young Living. #gotfrank? #frankisyourfriend #keepcalmandputfrankon #addfranktoit #neverleavehomewithoutit oil-relief.com

WARNING…the 2nd part of this post may shock you. For all the ladies…here is one more product you do not have to go to the store for. Organic pads and tampons! This is a monthly shipment program (really inexpensive)! http://thisisl.refr.cc/jasminejimenez
Part 2 Anyone here interested in learning about how to use an organic tampon, coconut oil, and vitality frankincense, um down there…let me know. #allthefemalereasons #who #what #where #when #why