Young Living Lavender Farm | Mona, Utah

Standing in from of the disterally on the Young Living lavender farm.

About a week before this photo was taken, we attended the Young Living Grow Conference in Newport Beach, CA. We had no idea how the day would go or what to expect. However, we knew we’d learn more about Young Living and that we would be surrounded by like-minded people.

A few speakers in, David Little, Young Living’s Global Agronomist took the stage. We have heard many times before about the Seed to Seal process, we have heard about the farms, we have heard from Marketing about promotions – but never had we heard from someone like David. He had us poised and all ears in under a minute into his presentation. Something clicked. We realized, without David, the farmers, cowboys, ranch hands and distillers — we have nothing. We knew very quickly that something bigger than us was in motion and we were going to ride the wave.

After lunch we found David during the Expo at Grow and started talking. He guided us through planting Goldenrod together in the display he had and the three of us connected. There was a much larger presence joining in on our conversation and everything else seemed to fade into the background. By Monday, we had plans to head to Utah. On Wednesday, we were packed up in our travel trailer and by Thursday we were setting up our campsite. When we woke up Friday morning, we were touring the Young Living Mona, Utah Farm with David.

David shared with us that he had never experienced what we were all experiencing together. Time like this with Members. He is a wealth of knowledge and we soaked everything in he had to say. We felt very grateful that he was able to spend time with us on the farm and a few other very special places too!

In this photo, we are standing in front of the distillery. These massive vats are what is used to distill the plants from the Mona Farm; Lavender, Clary Sage, Goldenrod, Juniper, Blue Yarrow, Melissa and White Fir. Behind this and downstairs is where some of the science happens! We were very blessed to have been able to talk with farm employees one-on-one about the process of distilling and the testing that takes place on the oils before they are sealed and delivered to our homes.

There is nothing except passion and purpose behind Young Living. We met employees on the farm, in the greenhouses, in the barns, in the store, on the ranch and from corporate and they each shared a story about how they started working at Young Living and why they wouldn’t leave.

So here is the deal – we have been YL members for years and we are avid products users. In fact, if you pop over to our house any day of the week you will find nothing but Young Living products in every room of our house. We have been using these products long before getting a glimpse into the day-to-day work that goes into producing these products because we know they are safe, non-toxic and they work.

If you are second guessing creating your own account with Young Living send me a message. If ditching toxic products seems overwhelming, send me a message. If you have heard about Young Living and are unsure how to get started, send me a message! The best part about Young Living Essential Oils is the community of people you will soon be locking arms with on your own journey to a cleaner lifestyle.

I will be posting more about this trip and our very special time spent in Utah (and more with David too!)